“A feature of WP 3.0 and later versions that allows multiple virtual sites to share a single installation.”

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Are you looking to create a network of sites with easy administration of each individual website?

A Multisite WordPress Install enables multiple websites to be powered off a single installation. This setup opens plenty of new possibilities for developers and companies to create larger websites, enterprise level solutions, or organizing a website’s content and dividing tasks.

According to the codex: “Using a Multi Site installation will add the ability to run multiple sites with a single install of WP” All sites can share the same plugins and theme, making the update process easy and flawless. This workflow works great for large organizations running multiple sites under the same brand. The Multi site setup is almost exactly the same as updating any site.

All of your network’s themes and plugins are stored just once, no matter how many sites you use them on. You’ll be using significantly less server space than if you used a separate installation for each site.

All sites can be managed from a single dashboard. The Multi site option is great for freelancers, businesses and organizations that manage multiple websites. You can make each subdomain use the same theme to enforce standards and unity; such as a car dealership affiliate or franchise business owner. Whether you’re a freelancer developer or web designer who wants to provide hosting and maintenance to clients, a college organization looking to centralize the management of your websites, or a large news publisher trying to isolate sites for different departments, a multi site is the answer and our expert staff can help!


Faster Update

With a WordPress multi site
setup you can update all your
plugins and themes from a
single location, reducing
development and maintenance costs.

Easy Web Creation

Create additional sites in minutes.
New sites can share the same
functionality and layout or
can be customized to meet additional

Super Admin Powers

Administrators with the right access
permissions have the ability
to set up new sites when
they need them, without relying
on a potential bottleneck in the
IT department.